Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yurt Camping 101

Well my complaining has finally paid off! We have never been camping as a family while in Michigan and have never taken the dogs so we finally planned a trip and went last week.
We rented a Yurt near at the Wild Cherry Resort near Leland, MI. What is a Yurt you ask? Well google thinks that it is "a circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting"
but I think pictures are better explanations.

This is a bad picture but there is a clear plastic dome on top so when you lay in bed you can see the trees and sky

Not a bad view from the front door

It even had a solar shower which was surprisingly warm!

We decided on this after a suggestion from a friend at work who went there with her husband and dogs. We love to tent camp but ours is only big enough for us and unless we want 215 pounds of dog on top of us then we needed a better solution.
After the pretty drive up there we checked in, unpacked and explored our camp. It was very secluded and the dogs loved running around in the woods. What a beautiful place too!

Then since the weather was so nice, we loaded the babies up and went to Van's Beach which is another Lake Michigan beach.
{Don't you just love him?!}

We slept great that night then the next morning hiked near our camp up to a beautiful orchard then prepared for another beach day. This time we went to a beach in the Sleeping Bear Dunes park and were amazed by the gorgeous views and blue water.

The babies had a good time digging in the sand and swimming;

maybe too good for Baby who got ear infections out of it! She would tell you it was worth it though.

(Don't worry, I'm hoping to get the road sign edited out of an otherwise great picture)

After lunch and the beach we did another short hike up to Pyramid Point which was incredible! You get the top of this giant dune and look straight down at the water with a view of the Manitou islands in the distance. I totally recommend this hike to all you Michiganders and it's totally manageable for your little ones.

After a full day in the sun and water we headed back to camp where the dogs crashed. They really seemed to feel right at home in the yurt :)

After another good nights sleep we packed up and headed home. Just in the knick of time too, we had fantastic weather the whole trip and it started raining about 10 minutes after we got back on the road. This was such a fun trip and I would recommend yurting to everyone!


Rebecca said...

oh yeah! It does look neat. We have been to Sleeping Bear dunes and it is cool but the water you found was so beautiful! You always find the best places! So secluded too. No to convince Jaylan... :)

Leslie said...

Man that looks like so much fun! That water is gorgeous too! I'd be swimming right along with Baby if I were there. Loved the "well my complaining finally paid off" - awesome :)

Jason & Kelli West said...

it looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Glad you could take baby and norris with you. yurting looks like it would be a grand time. Love all the pictures!

Chas and Ashly Johnson Family said...

That is the coolest place to camp! I wish there was something like that close. I love that you guys take your dogs everywhere. They are so good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That yurt camping looks so fun!! Your family always does the cutest little trips! We are celebrating Wallie's 1st birthday next month and I just laugh and think about Norris' birthday pictures last year! Yes.. we are going all out for Wallie! Too bad his puppy friends in Utah can't make it anymore.. :o(