Friday, March 5, 2010

Cougars defeated again

OK, so technically they are Penn State Nittany Lions but they sure remind me of BYU cougars :) We inherited some free tickets to the MSU/Penn State game last night which was our first game at the Breslin Center. What a good game too! MSU played like crap but they scraped a last minute victory out of it. I love sporting events (except maybe hockey). I love the getting dressed in school colors and school spirit and I love watching the student section. I wish I had gone to a college that had a "student section." What I don't love is that alcohol brings out the idiot in people. But I shouldn't complain, it's job security :) Anyway, GO SPARTANS!


Rebecca said...

NO it is not the cougars. Besides we are cheering for the same team this time! We watched some of it too and actually talked about going to one and why haven't we and such conversation. That is so awesome that you guys go to go! SO fun! Hope we actually think about going next season before the season is over! Happy for you:)

Nancy B. said...

Hey, some of my favorite people are cougars. I'll chalk it up to those cold Michigan winters :)