Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's no place like home

I certainly have some blog catching up to do so here goes...

We were fortunate enough to take a week off before school starts and head back to Utah for a family visit. Usually we try to get together with friends when we are home but this was dedicated as solely a family visit and it turned out great! Be prepared for LOTS of pictures!

After our flight got in and we waited 2 HOURS for our "reserved" rental car (because they "ran out of cars") we headed down to visit Ryan's sister and brother. We had 3 new nephews and a puppy to meet and they sure are cuties!

The next day we met up with my family. My niece Mckayla is starting Kindergarten so we had a girls day to go back to school shopping while the boys went out to lunch. She is such a diva and had us cracking up during her "fashion show." She and Talmage both got new rainboots from my mom and are in love with them!

The next day we went to the Children's Museum at the Gateway with Ryan's family. It was fun to watch the kids enjoy the neat exhibits.

Later we enjoyed a family BBQ. They boys enjoyed some guy talk on the balcony.
That evening we took advantage of having the whole family together and had some pictures done. We were hoping to go outside but the weather didn't cooperate. I'll post more when they are done being edited by our expert photographer and sister-in-law Kelli.

The following day we again were hoping for good weather to go swimming but ran into rain so we found a neat indoor/outdoor pool and enjoyed the afternoon there with Ryan's sisters and niece and nephews. Check out the cute baby in the swing!

For those of you that don't know, my twin sister is a very talented triathalete and her kids are no exception. Her daughter Mckayla who is 5 has taken to the sport herself and had her 2nd tri scheduled while we were there. I was SO excited to see her compete and we left plenty early to get there. Unfortunately it took us 30 minutes to get about 5 miles on the freeway due to unknown construction and we missed the race!! You can bet I had a royal tantrum in the car :( We got there just after she finished but she was still excited. She had a great time and we are so proud of her!

Later that day we visited the Aquarium. Kind of small but not too shabby.

The Sunday we were home, Ryan had the opportunity to ordain my little brother Tyler an Elder and advance him in the Priesthood. It was a great day and nice to have the whole family together. We love you Ty!

The next day we met Ryan's family at a local school for a picnic lunch. Little did we know we picked the perfect place for a show! Halfway through our lunch we noticed a paraglider above us and shortly after he landed right there on the grass! We came to find out that it was the 2009 national competition and soon we spotted nearly 50 of the competitors 18,000 feet up in the sky. They were supposed to land about 50 miles away but we saw 4 or 5 unlucky guys who didn't quiet make it land right next to us. What a neat experience to see it so close! The picture is hard to see but if you look close you can see a bunch of the parachutes.
Later that day we were able to spend some time visiting my Grandpa. It was SO good to see him and how I wish I could be closer to spend even more time with him. We were also to get together with Ryan's Grandpa and his wife Bonnie a few times. I sure love Grandparents! The funny look on Ryan's face is because his mom asked them to reinact a big hug :)

We made it home safe but not before being delayed getting out of Salt Lake which required our plane in Denver to wait for us and sitting next to a creepy guy who laughed incredibely loud at whatever he was watching and then reached into MY seat front pocket to get a magazine. He didn't even ask! Just started searching then did the same thing when he returned it, can you believe that?!

We really had a great trip and are grateful to our families, especially our parents for hosting us and planning activities. See you in December!!


Karly said...

You went to Zupas without me??!! THE NERVE!

.... Glad you had fun!

The Melo's said...

Is that indoor/outdoor pool in Lehi? That is only two blocks from my grandma's house! We go there every summer.

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

That looks like an awesome trip. That pool looks right up my alley, where is it?

I can't belive your niece does triathalons! I can barely walk on the treadmill anymore!

The Lawrences said...

Awesome vaca Steph. I'm sad I missed you, but we'll meet up next time! Love you!

Stephanie said...

To answer the pool question, it is in Lehi and was really fun!

And we wish we could have met up with friends but we needed to devote this trip to family so we will try to get together with friends next time!

Thanks for the nice comments!

Rebecca said...

Awesome trip!! Those are cute picture collages you did. It's great to visit family because you know they will always (or have to;) love you! Sorry you missed the race-that would stink big time.

Leslie said...

Those baby buckets are cute!
Love all your pics, I still haven't figured how how to do it, you'll have to walk me through it sometime.

Nancy B. said...

It was a great trip! Elizabeth called to see if we were in Ryan/Steph withdrawals. If we're lucky, you'll land closer to home after graduation.

With all our love . . . we're off to the Timpview/PG football game tonight. I'm wearing Robert's PG Letterman's jacket to the game :)

Jason & Kelli West said...

Steph, I love the post! It was so much fun having you guys up here. Jensen and Brad really loved you and Ryan. we can't wait to see you again at Christmas time. Thanks again for visiting. I will get the family pictures to you soon!