Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mackinaw Island

We had the best trip to Mackinaw Island last weekend! Mackinaw Island is this little island between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. It is full of old charm mostly because there are no cars allowed, only horses and bicycles. And they aren't kidding about no cars- even the street sweeper was pulled by horses!

Once we got off the ferry we started off the day with a little walking tour of main street. There are tons of cute little shops to check out including Ryan's favorite...the library
They even had a post office for the necessary sending of postcards
Beautiful view from the island of the Mackinaw Bridge

Then we saw a dog parade benefiting a greyhound resuce group and after that was a horse and pony show. Not as cool as I was expecting but still a cute show.

You can't tell but that is a pony dressed up as an elephant carrying a puppy dressed as a lion!
How cute are they?!
The only horse who can sit in a chair

After that we rented a tandem bike and rode around the island.
There is a paved 8 mile road around the island that was incredible. It's right next to the water and the views and landscape were amazing!This was the best part of our trip but next time we won't be renting a tandem...all I saw was Ryan's back the whole way :) Except when he is doing his impression of speed racer

We took the bike through the city for a bit more exploring then checked out the Grand Hotel. This is the crown jewel of the island.

You even have to pay to just walk around the grounds there if you aren't a hotel guest but don't tell...we snuck in without being noticed :) I totally thought we would go back to stay there but not for $259 per person per night MINIMUM! Can you believe that? And that is for the most basic room. I'm glad we decided to save money and stay on the shore in Mackinaw City.

After checking out the Grand we hiked up to Skull Cave. Sounds cool right? It wasn't, it was lame. No skulls to be found in this "cave" that is more like a crevice. Oh well. We sure did have some beautiful views of the Great Lakes and the Mackinaw Bridge on the way down.

We were exhausted by then so we wrapped up our shopping and caught the ferry back to shore.Thanks Mackinaw for such an awesome trip, we will be back again soon!


Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

Ha! You are so funny! That looks like a way pretty place. You guys are good to get out and explore your surroundings like that. I haven't even done that in Utah!

Anonymous said...

That definitely looks like a pretty little island! I love tandem bikes!! We have one.. needs to be fixed.. but once it is.. we will ride it all over! Plus I really want pictures on it! You and your Hubby are way cute!

The Lawrences said...

What a pretty island. I love small town stuff like that. I wouldn't mind living in a place like that one day. You are lucky that you get to visit so many neat places.

Sitterud Family said...

You should have been on front of the tandem bike...that way everyone would have had a good time.
We want to go there super bad. It looks like you had fun and you got some really good pics.

Leslie said...

I love that of all the days you could go you go on a dog parade day...or did you plan it that way? You guys shouldve brought the dogs to pull you in a cart like the street sweeper :)
Looks SO pretty though and you guys look great! I'm jealous of you're adventures, especially while I'm lame :(

Rebecca said...

OH! I have to go. Loved it! Need ALL the names of the places you went and prices! Thanks for sharing-those were beautiful pictures

Meg said...

Thanks for the comment!! My photographer did your wedding too I think.. I saw your picture on his website.. Unless it was your twin.. I don't know.. Shutterbugz?

Dan and Jen said...

You guys are so cute. I'm glad that you have so much fun with each other.

Nancy B. said...

Looks like lots of fun. Glad you had a fun time. Hope you have a great time in DC.