Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

Well we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 7th and took a trip to the West coast (of Michigan that is). We started our trip off with a trip to Holland for the Tulip Festival. Holland is this cute little beach town that celebrates the Dutch culture with the Tulip Festival every year. Nearly every street is lined with tulips and people dress up in Dutch costumes.I don't know what they feed these tulips but they are HUGEIf you look close, this fountain has flowers growing in it

We finished a bit early so after checking out some killer houses, including our future dream home we headed to the beach. That turned into an hour drive to actually find it and then a mile hike to get to it! It was well worth it though because we got to walk through this wooded trail and at the end we found this...
It was awesome! The beach was totally secluded and there was only 1 other person as far as the eye could see. We enjoyed a nice walk on the beach and dipped our toes in the frigid but crystal clear water. Ryan wrote "Happy 4th my love" awww
This was definitely a memorable trip to Lake Michigan.

After the beach and spending another hour finding our way back to the freeway we stopped for dinner and headed back to the hotel. We had a great room with a nice soft bed and a big tub to enjoy while watching basketball...I know how to comprimise when I need to

These are for you sis :)

The next morning we slept in an enjoyed their free but tasty breakfast and took a swim in the pool.

I'm sure grateful for Ryan and I love him to pieces. I can't believe he puts up with me most of the time and for that I'm ever so thankful. It has been a great 4 years and I look forward to many more together with my big guy!


Leslie said...

Aw, that was a fun post Sis! And thanks for the pics :) We were talking the other day and I can't believe it's been 4 already, we didn't even have Talm yet (in fact I think I had just found out I was pregnant with him the day before your wedding).
A patron from the pool went out to the Tulip festival too, I had no idea there was such a thing outside of Holland, cool.
I'm glad you guys got to get away, and I'm way jealous of all your beach adventures. Happy Anniversary!

Rebecca said...

That looks and sounds like a perfect anniversary get away! The beach picture is beautiful? How do we find it!

Jason & Kelli West said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Your weekend getaway looked relaxing and fun. The beach always seems like a nice place to go. I also really love the look of your furture dream home!! Loved seeing the pics!!

Kit...Nat...Broox...Krew said...

How fun! Those tulips are gorgeous! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed yourself. Happy 4th!!

The Lawrences said...

Happy 4th!!! Goodness, I can't believe it's been four years!!!

Des said...

I love how you have so many tulips on your wedding day and so many in this post! That looks like it was perfect and wonderful! Congrats on your Anniversary

Jason, Elisa, Connor & Megan said...

Those tulips are awesome and the beach looked awesome too! Congrats on your 4 year anniversary!