Sunday, July 13, 2008

Norris is Home!!

My sweet little guy Norris got the okay to come home on Friday after a 2 night stay with the vet. The timing of the accident certainly could have been better (or not happened at all) since youth conference was scheduled for friday and saturday. But Ryan ended up going with them to Kirtland, Ohio and I stayed home with my babies. I don't mind though, he hobbles around and doesn't do well with stairs so he needed someone here.

He ended up with 3 sets of stitches in his leg and multiple other scrapes. I tried bandaging it first but he tried to nip at me every time and he constantly licks at the wound and will try to chew through the suture so unfortunatley we had to resort to the cone collar :( He actually tolerates it pretty well except he can't eat or drink with it so we have to help him. It's hilarious to watch, the only way he can drink is if we get him next to the tub and take down the shower head or bring the hose in from outside! I'll get some pictures of that posted soon.

I hate seeing him limping around and whimpering but I'm glad he's home with us. Now if we can only get the other dog's owner to cover the bill... Thank you so much for your nice thoughts and concern!Baby has been so sweet to sleep next to him wherever he goes
We've been having slumber parties in the living room the last few nights


Kit...Nat...Broox... said...

SAD! I am so glad he's home and healing. Hang in there!

Candice said...

I'm glad your doggy is okay! That's so sad! :( I hope he gets better fast!

Leslie said...

Poor Norris. It's even more sad to see him in the cone. I still don't know what kind of dog has the audacity to attack a ginormous dog like Norris with his 'little' friend Baby along too.
Have you seen Kaitlyn's pics on our blog yet? SO CUTE!

The Lawrences said...

So glad to see that everything is okay. I bet it was such a rough week for you Steph...I'm sorry:(

Nancy B. said...

We're glad Norris is home. If he needs legal representation, we know a great lawyer:) We especially love the pillow under Norris' head. If I was a dog, I would want to live at your house! Take care. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Norris.

Dan, Jen & Syd said...

Steph, you're so cute! Norris and Baby are lucky to have a mama like you. I'm glad that Norris is doing alright. Hope you have been having a fun summer (dog attacks aside)>